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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2020Aumentando la Resiliencia ante Inundaciones (Versión larga)Plan International El Salvador
2020Pamoja voices climate-resilience planning toolkitMcIvor, S; et al.
2020Pamoja voices climate-resilience planning toolkitPertaub, D P; et al.
Dec-2020Financing Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia and the Pacific: A Guide for Policy Makers-
2020Strengthening capacity to diversify farmer business models for climate resilienceThoan, Ho Thi; Voan, Vu Le Y; Thang, Pham Tai; Tien, Pham Van
2012Villes et inondations; Guide de gestion intégrée du risque dʼinondation en zone urbaine pour le XXIe siècleK Jha, Abhas; Bloch, Robin; Lamond, Jessica
2021प्रभावकारी विपद् प्रतिकार्यका अवसरहरुभण्डारी, दिनानाथ; शाक्य, पुजा; पराजुली, विनोद प्रसाद; गौतम, डा. दिलिप; उप्रेती, माधव; श्रेष्ठ, नितेश; जोशी, अनुजध्वज; गुरु, गेहेन्द्र; अधिकारी, ध्रुवलोचन
30-Oct-2020Participatory mapping and visualization of local knowledge: An example from Eberbach, GermanyKlonner, Carolin; Uson, Thomas J; Aeschbach, Nicole; Hofle, Bernard
Feb-2021Addressing challenges of physical climate risk analysis in financial institutionsHubert, Romain; Marginean, Lulia; Cardona, Michael; Clapp, Crista; Sillman, Jana
15-Dec-2020स्थानीय तह संस्थागत क्षमता स्वमूल्याङ्कन काययववधि, २०७७-