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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Apr-2015Reflections on the current debate on how to link flood insurance and disaster risk reduction in the European UnionSurminski, Swenja; Aerts, Jeroen C. J. H.; Botzen, Wouter; Hudson, Paul; Mysiak, Jaroslav; Pérez-Blanco, Carlos Dionisio
17-Aug-2017From agenda-setting to implementation - the role of multi-sectoral partnerships in addressing urban climate risksSurminski, Swenja; Leck, Hayley
Mar-2020The role of national laws in managing flood risk and increasing future flood resilienceMehryar, Sara; Surminski, Swenja
27-Oct-2016Investigating the risk reduction potential of disaster insurance across EuropeSurminski, Swenja; Hudson, Paul
Nov-2020New build homes, flood resilience and environmental justice – current and future trends under climate change across England and WalesRözer, Viktor; Surminski, Swenja
15-Feb-2017Fit for Purpose and Fit for the Future? An Evaluation of the UK’s New Flood Reinsurance PoolSurminski, Swenja; London School of Economics
2015The Triple Dividend of Resilience: Realising development goals through the multiple benefits of disaster risk managementTanner, Thomas; Surminski, Swenja; Wilkinson, Emily; Reid, Robert; Rentschler, Jun; Rajput, Sumati
Jun-2020Building Flood Resilience in a Changing ClimateGolnaraghi, Maryam; Surminski, Swenja; Kousky, Carolyn; Mehryar, Sara; Roezer, Viktor
Nov-2019Understanding decisions and disasters: A retrospective analysis of Hurricane Sandy’s ‘focusing power’ on climate change adaptation policy in New York CityMcCraine, Samantha; Surminski, Swenja
13-Sep-2017Promoting flood risk reduction: the role of insurance in Germany and EnglandSurminski, Swenja; Thieken, Annegret H