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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Multiscale Integrated River Basin ManagementNepal, Santosh; Shrestha, Arun Bhakta; Goodrich, Chanda G; Mishra, Arbindra; Prakash, Anjal; Bhuchar, Sanjeev; Vasily, Laurie A; Khadgi, Vijay; Pradhan, Neera S
Sep-2018Trees and Bees: Improving livelihoods and adapting to climate change with women leadership-
Jul-2019Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal- Status Report 2019-
Sep-2018Fighting floods our way: Women in Sharlahi unite to protect their community-
2019Disentangling the impacts of human and environmental change on catchment response during Hurricane HarveySebastian, Antonia; Gori, Avantika; Blessing, Russel B; van der Wiel, Karin; Bass, Benjamin
2019Household-level effects of providing forecast-based cash in anticipation of extreme weather events: Quasi-experimental evidence from humanitarian interventions in the 2017 floods in BangladeshGros, Clemens
Nov-2019Tropical Coastal Wetlands Ameliorate Nitrogen Export During FloodsAdame, M F; Roberts, M E; Hamilton, D P; Ndehedehe, C E; Reis, V; Lu, J; Griffiths, M; Curwen, G; Ronan, M
Oct-2019Enabling Factors for Financing and Implementing Postdisaster OperationsMochizuki, Junko; Hallwright, Joshua; Handmer, John
Oct-2019Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater safety and risk communicationTaylor, Melanie; Tofa, Matalena; Haynes, Katharine; McLaren, Joshua; Readman, Peter; Ferguson, Diana; Rundle, Sascha; Rose, Danny
2019Uncertainty quantification of flood damage estimation for urban drainage risk managementMorita, Masaru; Koung Tung, Yeou