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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020From Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) to Intervention: Learning briefConcern Worldwide
2021प्रभावकारी विपद् प्रतिकार्यका अवसरहरुभण्डारी, दिनानाथ; शाक्य, पुजा; पराजुली, विनोद प्रसाद; गौतम, डा. दिलिप; उप्रेती, माधव; श्रेष्ठ, नितेश; जोशी, अनुजध्वज; गुरु, गेहेन्द्र; अधिकारी, ध्रुवलोचन
30-Oct-2020Participatory mapping and visualization of local knowledge: An example from Eberbach, GermanyKlonner, Carolin; Uson, Thomas J; Aeschbach, Nicole; Hofle, Bernard
Jan-2021The climate crisis demands local level financing and actionVenkateswaran, Kanmani; Blumenstock, Ali
Jan-2021Is national disaster legislation ready for climate change?Mehryar, Sara; Norton, Rachel; Natoli, Tommaso; Surminski, Swenja
Jan-2021Information in Power- Connecting local responders to the risk information that they needKlassen, Saram; Oxley, Marcus
2021Weather, climate & catastrophe insight: 2020 annual report-
8-Sep-2020Emergency flood bulletins for Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: A critical evaluation of the use of global flood forecasts for international humanitarian preparedness and responseEmerton, Rebecca; Cloke, Hannah; Ficchi, Andrea; Hawker, Laurence; Wit, Sara de; Speight, Linda; Prudhomme, Christel; Rundell, Philip; West, Rosalind; Neal, Jeffery; Cuna, Joaquim; Harrigan, Shaun; Titley, Helen; Magnusson, Linus; Pappenberger, Florian; Klingaman, Nicholas; Stephens, Elizabeth
2021Rječnik terminaZurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Dec-2020Practical Action and Early Warning SystemsBudimir, Mirianna