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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Evaluating Flood Resilience Strategies for Coastal MegacitiesWharton
Apr-2016What Motivates Households in Vulnerable Communities to Take Flood Preparedness Actions? Findings from Applied Research in Tabasco, MexicoWharton
Jul-2016Measuring Community Resilience: The Role of the Community Rating SystemWharton
Dec-2016Adoption of Flood Preparedness Actions: A Household Level Study in Rural Communities in Tabasco, MexicoWharton
2016Moral Hazard in Natural Disaster Insurance Markets: Empirical evidence from Germany and the United StatesWharton
Mar-2017Economic evaluation of climate risk adaptation strategies: Cost-benefit analysis of flood protection in Tabasco, MexicoHaer, Toon; W.J Wouter, Botzen; Jorge, Zavala-Hidalgo; Carline, Cusell; Philip, J. Ward; Wharton
2018Flood Insurance Around the WorldWharton
2017Characteristics and Protective Behaviors of Hazard Insurance PurchasersWharton
Sep-2014Making Communities More Flood Resilient: The Role of Cost Benefit Analysis and Other Decision-Support Tools in Disaster Risk ReductionMechler, Reinhard; Czajkowski, Jeffrey; Kunreuther, Howard; Michel-Kerjan, Erwann; Botzen, Wouter; Keating, Adriana; McQuistan, Colin; Cooper, Nathan; O’Donnell, Ian; IIASA; Wharton; IFRC
2014Operationalizing Resilience against Natural Disaster Risk: Opportunities, Barriers, and a Way ForwardKeating, Adriana; Campbell, Karen; Mechler, Richard; Michel-Kerjan, Erwann; Mochizuki, Junko; Kunreuther, Howard; Bayer, Joanne; Hanger, Susanne; McCallum, Ian; See, Linda; Williges, Keith; Atreya, Ajita; Botzen, Wouter; Collier, Ben; Czajkowski, Jeff; Hochrainer, Stefan; Egan, Callahan; IIASA; Zurich; Wharton