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Title: Impact of temporal rainfall patterns on flash floods in Hue City, Vietnam
Authors: Mu, D
et al.
Keywords: Flood Control::Hydrometeorological hazard, जल तथा मौसमविज्ञान सम्बद्ध प्रकोप, Peligro hidrometeorológico, জল ও আবহাওয়া সংঘটিত আপদ
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Journal of Flood Risk Management
Abstract: Urban flooding is a perennial problem, especially in developing countries with relatively weak infrastructure under ever‐increasing stress due to climate change and human activities. We simulate the temporally variable flood‐water depth and inundation area under four designed rainfall patterns in the typical tropical rainforest city of Hue, Vietnam. The four rainfall types are R1 (peak at fifth hour), R2 (peak at 20th hour), R3 (peak at first hour), and R4 (peak at 13th hour). Results show that temporal rainfall pattern R4 with peak rainfall in the middle of the total period yielded the maximum water depth of 1.88 m. R3, with peak rainfall in the first hour, yields the shallowest maximum water depth and the largest inundation extent. When the water depth for R3 is 0.1-0.2 m, the inundated area caused by R3 is 3-4 times that of the other three patterns. Analysis of urban flood inundation in Hue provides a management tool to facilitate flood risk management in the context of extreme rainfall.
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