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Title: The blue guide to coastal resilience
Authors: The Nature Conservancy
Keywords: Flood Control::Ecosystem services, जीवपरिवृति पद्धतिका सेवाहरु, Servicios ecosistémicos, বাস্তুসংস্থান সেবা
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: The Nature Conservancy.
Abstract: The Blue Guide to Coastal Resilience illustrates Nature-based Solution approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction, providing DRR planners with step-by-step guidance for implementing various NbS in coastal areas. The guide integrates all relevant tools and processes into a single source to help conservation and humanitarian DRR planners determine whether and how NbS can be used to harness the protective benefits of coastal ecosystems and reduce the risks of climate-related hazards. The guide helps DRR planners assess the context, risk and possible NbS for a specific location, as well as the costs of using them and the conditions that need to be in place to be successful. The approach is highly participatory, requiring planners to work closely with local stakeholders, including communities and government decision makers, to ensure support and sustainability.
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