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Title: Safety Nets, Health Crises and Natural Disasters: Lessons from Sierra Leone
Authors: Sandford, J
Rajput, S
Coll-Black, S
Kargbo, A
Keywords: Flood Control::Vulnerability, संकटासन्नता, Vulnerabilidad, বিপদাপন্নতা
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: World Bank
Abstract: This case study suggests how shock-responsive social protection systems can be the basis of a government-led response to a health crisis and a rapid-onset disaster. It also points to how linking pre-arranged finance to safety nets can help with quick delivery of cash to vulnerable populations post-disasters. This experience complements existing evidence and experience in other parts of Africa, where social protection systems have been used for responding to drought, a slow-onset natural disaster. It also informed the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Sierra Leone, which will provide further lessons for shock-responsive social protection globally.
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