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dc.description.abstractThis needs and capacity assessment, carried out in six local levels (one metropolitan city, four municipalities and one rural municipality), is expected to shed some light on what policies and capacities currently exist at the local level for prevention (risk reduction and mitigation), preparedness and response (search and rescue, relief, recovery, reconstruction, rehabilitation), and in minimizing the impact of disasters (mainstreaming inclusive disaster risk management processes and priorities in development activities). This assessment also records the DRRM initiatives carried out by these local bodies with regard to DRRM in their areas. Among these, one municipality (Gorkha) is in Gandaki Province and the rest (Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Shankharapur Municipality, Changunarayan Municipality, Chautara-Sangachowkgadhi Municipality and Gosaikunda Rural Municipality) are located in Bagmati Province. These local levels were purposely selected to study the situation in the 2015 earthquake-affected areas and to represent the spectrum from metropolitan city to rural municipality, representing widely varying financial, technical, information and human resource capacities. The assessment has two objectives: Firstly, to generate the baseline information on the strength, needs and capacity gaps of the selected local levels, namely Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Chautara-Sangachowkgadhi Municipality, Shankharapur Municipality, Changunarayan Municipality, Gorkha Municipality and Gosaikunda Rural Municipality, in DRRM. This information will be used by the “People to People Support for Building Community Resilience through Recovery and Reconstruction in Nepal” (P2P) project for designing and refining its project activities to enhance the DRRM capacity of these selected local levels. The second and broader purpose of this assessment is to develop recommendations and contribute to the training package on enhancing the capacity of local levels for effective DRR, preparedness and response management.en
dc.publisherUN Migration (IoM)en
dc.subjectFlood Control::Disaster risk reduction plan, विपद् जोखिम न्यूनिकरण योजना, Planes de reducción de riesgo, দুর্যোগ ঝুঁকি-হ্রাস পরিকল্পনাen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Capacity Development, क्षमता विकास, Desarrollo de capacidades, ক্ষমতা উন্নয়নen
dc.titleStrengthening disaster risk reduction and management at the local level: A report on capacity and needs assessment of six rural and urban municipalities of Nepalen
dc.document.modelNatural Capitalen
dc.document.modelHuman Capitalen
dc.document.modelFinancial Capitalen
dc.drrcycleCrisis Preparednessen
dc.drrcycleProspective Risk Reductionen
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