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Title: Practical Action Climate Information Services Toolkit
Authors: Sneddon, Alison
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Practical Action Publishing
Citation: Practical Action (2020) Practical Action Climate Information Services Toolkit, Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing
Abstract: Practical Action has been undertaking work on CIS in Bangladesh, Nepal, West Africa, Sudan, and Malawi. This has involved participatory rainfall monitoring as well as working with national meteorological agencies and other government departments, focusing on applications for CIS with the aim of improving the resilience of livelihoods for smallholder farmers. Practical Action is able to add value to CIS work across countries because of our in-depth understanding of the communities we work with and the information needs of smallholder farmers in these communities. We are able to emphasize the inclusion of marginalized populations in CIS and to take a multi-sectoral perspective, considering CIS in context as part of a wider adaptation agenda. Practical Action is a leader in systems thinking, considering development challenges in context and holistically rather than in isolation. This perspective is essential to ensuring not only access to information, but also that access to information results in action and the desired outcomes. Based on our role as leaders in early warning systems and in agricultural development, we are also able to use our contextual and operational knowledge and networks to effectively link users and producers of climate information
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