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dc.contributor.authorPractical Action América Latina-
dc.description.abstractThere are few historical records of floods & landslides in the Rímac river watershed in terms of hydrometeorological variables with enough spatial and temporal accuracy. Is is a strong limitation to understand the relationship between precipitation and the activation of a ravine. It also limits how people in vulnerable situations can benefit from initiatives related to Early Warning Systems (SAT) at any of its levels: alarm, alert or forecast. On the other hand, people exposed to these risks have wide local knowledge about past events and great willingness to actively participate in disaster risk management.en
dc.publisherPractical Action América Latinaen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Capacity Development, क्षमता विकास, Desarrollo de capacidades, ক্ষমতা উন্নয়নen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Early warning system, पूर्वचेतावनी प्रणाली, Sistema de alerta temprana, আগাম সতর্কীকরণ ব্যবস্থাen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Participatory Capacities and Vulnerabilities Analysis, सहभागितामूलक क्षमता तथा संकटासन्नता विश्लरेषण, Análisis Participativo de Capacidades y Vulnerabilidades, অংশগ্রহণমূলক সক্ষমতা এবং বিপদাপন্নতা বিশ্লেষণen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Resilience, उत्थानशीलता, Resiliencia, সহনশীলতাen
dc.subjectFlood Control::Community based Disaster risk reduction, समुदायमा आधारित विपद् जोखिम व्यवस्थापन, Medidas de reducción de riesgos basadas en la comunidad, সমাজভিত্তিক দুর্যোগ ঝুঁকি হ্রাসen
dc.titleRainfall and citizen scienceen
dc.document.modelNatural Capitalen
dc.document.modelHuman Capitalen
dc.document.modelSocial Capitalen
dc.regionTHE AMERICASen
dc.drrcycleCorrective Risk Reductionen
dc.drrcycleCrisis Preparednessen
dc.drrcycleProspective Risk Reductionen
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