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Title: City Characterisation Report: Miami
Authors: CWRA
Keywords: Flood Control::Resilience, उत्थानशीलता, Resiliencia
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: CWRA
Abstract: The City Water Resilience Approach (CWRA) helps cities plan and implement actions to build resilient urban water systems. A critical first step in this process is understanding the local water system, and the factors that contribute to or detract from resilience. This report details research undertaken in Miami with the goals to: 1. Define the city water basin including natural basin(s), the urban water system and its governance structure, and the interdependencies with other systems; and 2. Identify the factors contributing to the resilience of the city water system and those increasing its vulnerability. In developing this characterisation report, the Arup team collected desktop data on the biophysical characteristics of the basin and key actors in the water system. Arup then undertook a field mission in Miami 7–18 May 2018 to build on the desktop work by engaging in-person with stakeholders.
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