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Title: Sea-level rise and local government: Policy gaps and opportunities
Authors: James, Vanessa
Gerard, Patrick
Iorns, Catherine
Keywords: Flood Control::Adaptation, अनुकुलन, adaptación
Flood Control::Climate change, जलवायू परिवर्तन, Cambio climático
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Deep South National Science Challenge
Abstract: This paper identifies some barriers, gaps and opportunities in the legal and policy options available to local government when managing the effects of sea-level rise due to climate change, and outlines the challenges facing local government in adapting to sea-level rise and climate change. The most prominent message from our work is the desire for more commitment and involvement from central government. While local authorities are very well engaged and generally have a clear idea of issues arising from sea-level rise and climate change, 73 percent of participants said their organisations do not receive enough direction from central government on how to respond to the effects of climate change. It is acknowledged that useful guidance has been provided, such as the Ministry for the Environment’s Guidance for local government on preparing for climate change. However,territorial authorities in particular are seeking a stronger lead,such as legislative reform, clearer and more directive policy, clarification of responsibilities, guidance on the use of particular adaptation tools that currently exist, and a national environmental standard on coastal hazard management. Such direction is seen as critical not only to achieve a nationally consistent approach but also simply to achieve adoption of appropriate climate adaptation measures
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