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Title: Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise: Local Government Liability Issues
Authors: Iorns, Catherine
Watts, Jesse
Keywords: Flood Control::Climate change, जलवायू परिवर्तन, Cambio climático
Flood Control::Environmental degradation, वातावरणीय ह्रास, Degradación del medio ambiente
Flood Control::Adaptation, अनुकुलन, adaptación
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Deep South National Science Challenge
Abstract: This paper addresses the legal frameworks and rules about what local and regional councils in New Zealand can and cannot do to adapt to the coastal hazards associated with sea-level rise and climate change. The focus is on what councils might be liable for in respect of housing affected by coastal hazards. It is part of a Deep South National Science Challenge program on Impacts and Implications for residential housing that is now – and in the future will increasingly be – subject to such coastal hazards. Its focus is limited to adaptation measures for residential housing; it does not address infrastructure nor commercial building or activities.
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