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Title: Analysis of urban flood prevention emergency plan in Pinghu City
Authors: Wang, Lirong
Yan, Bin
Ma, Xiaobing
Keywords: Flood Control
Flood Control
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IOP Science
Abstract: ith the acceleration of urbanization in China, urban flood disasters have gradually become a prominent type of urban disease, seriously affected the normal production and life of urban residents, and brought great challenges to urban flood control and disaster reduction work. Based on the current situation of urban flood control in Pinghu City and the latest Guidelines for the Compilation of Urban Flood Control Emergency Preparedness Plan, this paper analyses the scope of application, key defense objects and key points of urban flood control in Pinghu City, and puts forward the organizational system and responsibilities of urban flood control, preventive and early warning measures, emergency response actions, public defense guidelines, personnel transfer and placement, etc. Specific non-engineering measures for urban flood control are put forward for Pinghu City.
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