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Title: Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities: Post-flood study user guide
Other Titles: FRMC: Post-flood study user guide
Authors: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Keywords: Flood Control::Flood resilience measurement communities (FRMC)
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ZFRA
Abstract: This is the User Guide showing you the necessary steps to deploy the post-flood study in the Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC). This document is not meant to be used in the field directly with communities or to provide field workers with basic knowledge about the resilience aspects covered. Only trained assessors will need to use this document to measure outcomes, based on data gathered through field work. Similarly, the results will provide data for consideration by implementation teams and research analysis, rather than feeding directly to a community (results will be shared and discussed though). Naturally, some of the information collected may be used by local governments, NGOs, and possibly other interested parties when they communicate with communities and wider audiences. Many of these stakeholders may already collect most of this data as part of their own evaluations of the event.
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