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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Trees and Bees: Improving livelihoods and adapting to climate change with women leadership-
Sep-2018Fighting floods our way: Women in Sharlahi unite to protect their community-
2019The global and regional impacts of climate change under representative concentration pathway forcings and shared socioeconomic pathway socioeconomic scenariosArnell, N W; et al
2019Assessment and Economic Valuation of Coastal Protection Services Provided by Mangroves in JamaicaWorld Bank
Jun-2019Is ecosystem-based adaptation effective? Perceptions and lessons learned from 13 project sitesReid, H; Hou Jones, X; Porras, I; Hicks, C; Wicander, S; Seddon, N; Kapos, V; Rizvi, A R; Roe, D
2018The global value of mangroves for risk reduction. Summary ReportBeck; Narayan; Trespalacios; Pfliegner; Losada; Menéndez; Espejo; Torres; Díaz-Simal; Fernandez; Abad; Mucke; Kirch
Nov-2019Tropical Coastal Wetlands Ameliorate Nitrogen Export During FloodsAdame, M F; Roberts, M E; Hamilton, D P; Ndehedehe, C E; Reis, V; Lu, J; Griffiths, M; Curwen, G; Ronan, M
2018Literature review of critical climate-stress moments in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: A resource kitGroot, A.,; Singh, T.,; Pandey, A.,; Gioli, G.,; Ahmed, B.,; Ishaq, S.,; Raza, N.,; Hassan, M.,; Hassan, S.M.T.,; Syed, M.A.,; Mamnun, N.; HI-AWARE
Jan-2019Characteristics of Transformational Adaptation in Climate-Land-Society InteractionsWarner, Koko; Zommers, Zinta; Wreford, Anita; Hurlbert, Margot; Viner, David; Scantlan, Jill; Halsey, Kenna; Halsey, Kevin; Tamang, Chet
2016Tecnologías y prácticas locales ante eventos climáticos en la región ApurímacChuquisengo, Orlando