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Title: Resource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management Module 2: Non-structural Measures
Authors: ICIMOD
Keywords: Risk assesment,जोखिम लेखाजोखा
Structural and non-structural measure, संरचनागत तथा गैर–संरचनागत उपायहरु, Medidas estructurales y no estructurales, কাঠামোগত এবং অ-কাঠামোগত পরিমাপ
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ICIMOD
Abstract: This manual provides resource materials for understanding the problem and managing the risk. This module is designed for professionals from both social science and physical science backgrounds. Its objective is to build the capacity of district-level disaster mitigation and relief workers, professionals from community-based and non-governmental organisations such as hydrologists, meteorologists, engineers, and so on. The tools and models selected here are simple, but important, requiring relatively little data. Users with higher technical skills can also benefit from these tools as a first approach and use higher-level models to further enhance their analysis.
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