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dc.description.abstractThe manual has been prepared to help different stakeholders (government staff, non-governmental organisations and other civil society groups, lawyers, academics, and media people) understand the basics of flash floods and the full range of flood and risk management measures for an integrated approach to flash floods, including the importance of community participation, legal and institutional aspects, the latest social hazard mapping techniques, and an introduction to the various modelling tools. The overall objective of the training is to enable participants to effectively help communities and nations to be better prepared for flash floods using the implements that are available. The aim is to develop a pool of people who are able to serve as knowledge multipliers in the region. This Training of Trainers Manual uses an adult learning method for the presentation of materials. Participant centred learning has been kept in mind in designing the sessions and activities and in the training process. The authors envisage that a 'facilitator' will oversee the entire training session and that each session will be taught by one or more 'trainers' who can, in turn, call upon specific experts for the technical sessions and resource persons who either have some specific expertise or who can help with local arrangements for the field visits, if and when required. The facilitator intervenes at the end of activities to conduct the discussion and other training-related matters. For effective learning, the participants are requested to engage fully in the sessions and to be active and open.en
dc.subjectPreparedness, पूर्वतयारी, Preparación, প্রস্তুতিen
dc.subjectRecovery, पुनर्ला�en
dc.subjectResponse, प्रतिकार्यen
dc.subjectStructural and non-structural measure, संरचनागत तथा गैर–संरचनागत उपायहरु, Medidas estructurales y no estructurales, কাঠামোগত এবং অ-কাঠামোগত পরিমাপen
dc.subjectVulnerability, संकटासन्नता, Vulnerabilidaden
dc.titleFlash Flood Risk Management: A Training of Trainers Manualen
dc.typeFact Sheet-
dc.subject.keywordPreparedeness, पूर्वतयारीen
dc.subject.keywordRecovery, पुनर्लाभen
dc.subject.keywordResponse, प्रतिकार्यen
dc.subject.keywordStructural and non-structural measure, संरचनागत तथा गैर–संरचनागत उपायहरुen
dc.subject.keywordVulnerability, संकटासन्नताen
dc.subject.keywordFlash flood risk managementen
dc.subject.keywordFlash flooden
dc.subject.keywordFlash flood hazard analysisen
dc.subject.keywordFlash flood risk assessmenten
dc.subject.keywordSocial hazard mappingen
dc.subject.keywordNon-structural measuresen
dc.subject.keywordWatershed managementen
dc.subject.keywordIntegrated flash flooden
dc.subject.keywordflood management cycleen
dc.document.modelSocial Capital-
dc.document.modelHuman Capital-
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