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Title: Investing in Resilience:Ensuring a Disaster Resistant Future
Authors: Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Bank
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Asian Development Bank
Abstract: This publication seeks to stimulate, secure and sustain this investment in resilience. It recognizes that there is an extensive array of disaster risk management tools and mechanisms available in Asia and the Pacific but that they are not being applied as often, or as effectively, as they could be. It encourages governments and their development partners to embark on a coordinated approach to resilience. It emphasizes the mutual connectedness between potential initiatives to strengthen resilience and encourages stakeholders to identify individual actions which collectively would complement and reinforce one another, together working towards a common vision of a disaster-resilient future. We hope this publication will inspire governments, in collaboration with their development partners, to paint their individual visions of a resilient future in keeping with their particular disaster risk and other development challenges.
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