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dc.description.abstractThe manual emphasizes throughout that structural measures are most effective and sustainable when implemented together with appropriate non-structural measures. The resource manual is aimed at junior to mid-level professionals with a civil engineering background. The aim is to build the capacity of people working in district-level government and non-governmental organizations on flash flood risk management. The measures described are simple yet effective. They were selected on the basis of being able to be implemented using local and low-cost materials with a minimum of external materials and technical support, and having a low environmental impact. The material is divided into seven chapters: Chapter 1 describes the types of flash flood that occur in the region and the most important contributing factors and summarizes the major approaches in flash flood risk management; Chapters 2 and 3 describe measures to manage the risk from landslides and debris flows and from landslide dam lakes and glacial lakes; Chapters 4 to 6 discuss bioengineering techniques, physical measures for slope stabilization and erosion control, and physical measures for river training; and finally Chapter 7 presents the concept of integrated flood management as a component of integrated water resource management.-
dc.subjectStructural and non-structural measure, संरचनागत तथा गैर–संरचनागत उपायहरु, Medidas estructurales y no estructurales, কাঠামোগত এবং অ-কাঠামোগত পরিমাপen
dc.titleResource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management Module3: Structural Measures-
dc.typeFact Sheet-
dc.subject.keywordStructural and non-structural measure, संरचनागत तथा गैर–संरचनागत उपायहरुen
dc.subject.keywordResource manualen
dc.subject.keywordStructural measuresen
dc.subject.keywordFlood control measuresen
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