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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Wading Out the Storm : The Role of Poverty in Exposure, Vulnerability and Resilience to Floods in Dar Es Salaam (English)Erman, Alvina Elisabeth; Obolensky, Marguerite Anne Beatrice; Hallegatte, Stephane
2010Warning Disemination and Notification-
May-2020Water and Resilient CitiesOOSKA News
2016Water resources management in a changing climate: The practitioner’s guideDHI
May-2019Water Source Management in Flood Prone AreaKhadka, Rakesh
-Water Supply during EmergenciesPractical Action
2009Water supply in urban flood settingsOess, Andrea Helena
2012Water Treatment During ReconstructionMartin Bounds; Practical Action
Nov-2019The Water Window Challenge 2016-2019Z Zurich Foundation
2019Water, Climate and Development Programme: 10 stories of impactGlobal Water Partnership
2020Water-related disasters and their health impacts: A global reviewLee, J; Perera, D; Glickman, T; Taing, L
2018WayfinderStockholm University; GRAID
2013Weather Forecasting Board-
2020Weather Stations, Women Champions and Water Management: Changing the Face of Early Warning in Cambodia-
2019Weather, Climate & Catastrophe InsightAon
2021Weather, climate & catastrophe insight: 2020 annual report-
Oct-2020Webinaire Regional sur les défis du renforcement de la résilience des communautés de l'Afrique de l'Ouest face aux inondationsWest Africa Flood Resilience Portal Team
Nov-2019Webinar: PERC for WildfiresZurich Flood Resilience Alliance
22-Jan-2019Webinar: Stakeholder Participation for ResiliencePractical Action; CISRI
2019Wellspring: Source Water Resilience and Climate AdaptationMatthews, J.; Matthews, N.; Simmons, E.; Vigerstol, K.