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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Rainfall and citizen sciencePractical Action América Latina
May-2020Rainfall and citizen sciencePractical Action Latin America
1999Rainfall extremes in some selected parts of Central and South America: ENSO and other relationships reexaminedKane, R.P
2012Rainwater Harvesting During ReconstructionPractical Action
2019Range-dependent thresholds for global flood early warningAlfieri, Lorenzo; et al
2019A rapid flood risk assessment method for response operations and nonsubject‐matter‐expert community planningLongenecker, Herbert E.; et al
7-Aug-2019Rapid urbanisation and implications for indigenous knowledge in early warning on flood risk in African citiesAbudu Kasei, Raymond; Dalitso Kalanda-Joshua, Miriam; Tutu Benefor, Daniel
Jun-2010RAPPORT D’EVALUATION DES BESOINS POST CATASTROPHE; Inondations urbaines à Dakar 2009Gouvernement du Senegal
Nov-2020Rapport Technique; Inondations, mieux vaut prévenirGilard, Olivier
2017Reaching resilience: Handbook resilience 2.0 for aid practitioners and policymakersHeijmans, Annelies
2017Reaching the Most VulnerableICIMOD
Aug-2019Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals: The need for building resilienceVaughan, Ann; Norton, Rachel
Apr-2019Ready, set, rain! Urban flood resilience in OntarioBlakelock, Clara
31-Aug-2017Reasentamientos: Documento breve de PolíticaSoluciones Prácticas
30-Jun-2016Rebuilding flood affected farmers' communities: Inspirational human storiesChaudhry, M. Saifullah
2004Rebuilding Homes and LivelihoodsPractical Action
2012Recognise the strength of women in reducing disaster risks!United Nations; United Nations, vietnam and European Commissions Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department
Feb-2017Recomendaciones ante la caída de huaicosMunicipalidad de Lima
Dec-2019Reconnecting Solomon Islands After the Cyclone Ita FloodsAsian Development Bank
2005Reconstrucción y gestión de riesgo: Una propuesta técnica y metodológicaFerradas, Pedro; Montoro, Bárbara