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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Early Warning for floods (बाढीका लागि पूर्व सुचना)Practical Action
2010Early Warning Practices can Save Lives: Selected Examples Good Practices and Lessons Learned-
2008Early Warning Saving Lives-
2013Early warning system in Nepal (नेपालमा पूर्वसुचना प्रणाली)Practical Action
9-Jan-2017Early Warning System through SMS-
-Early warning systems saves millions of livesWorld Meterological Organization
2008Early Warning, Early Action: An Evaluation of IFRC West and Central Africa Zone Flood Preparedness and Response, 2008The International Federation of the Red Cross
Apr-2020Easy Volunteer Actions HandbookTruelove, S.J.; Zaremba, J.
2007Economic Aspects of Integrated Flood ManagementEconomic Aspects of Integrated Flood Management; World Meterological Organizationn, Global Water Partnership
2009Economic Costs of the 2009 Floods in the Fiji Sugar Belt and Policy ImplicationsInternational Union for Conservation of Nature; International Union for Conservation of Nature
Mar-2017Economic evaluation of climate risk adaptation strategies: Cost-benefit analysis of flood protection in Tabasco, MexicoHaer, Toon; W.J Wouter, Botzen; Jorge, Zavala-Hidalgo; Carline, Cusell; Philip, J. Ward; Wharton
2020Economic motivation for raising coastal flood defenses in EuropeVousdoukas, M I; et al.
2020Economy-wide effects of coastal flooding due to sea level rise: a multi-model simultaneous treatment of mitigation, adaptation, and residual impactsSchinko, T; et al.
Jan-2019Ecosistemas Ribereños: El caso del Río YapateraPractical Action Perú
Nov-2019Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Insurance: Success, Challenges and OpportunitiesBeck, Michael W.; Quast, Oliver; Pfliegner, Kerstin
Mar-2018Ecosystem-based adaptation to increase flood resilience of vulnerable people - Evidence from central VietnamHagedoorn, L.C; Brander, L; Bubeck, P; Pham, T.D.M; Hudson, P; Haer, T; Lasage, R
2017Ecosystems protecting infrastructure and communities: lessons learned and guidelines for implementationInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature
Dec-2015Educando en Gestión del Riesgo de DesastresCruz Roja Colombiana Seccional Antioquia
Dec-2011Efectos del cambio climático en la costa de América Latina y el Caribe: guía metodológicaNU. CEPAL; Universidad de Cantabria, Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental