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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Evaluación de peligros de la ciudad de IloRoberto Kosaka Masuno et al.
2001Evaluación de peligros de la ciudad de MoqueguaRoberto Kosaka Masuno et al.
Feb-2012Evaluación de Riesgo de Inundaciones Basado Sobre GIS y Modelamiento Hidráulico (Hec-GeoRas)Choquehuanca Solorzano, Néstor Emilio
2012Evaluación global sobre la reducción de riesgos de desastres 2013Naciones Unidas
Jul-2019Evaluating adaptation measures for reducing flood risk: A case study in the city of Colombo, Sri LankaD.J. Wagenaara, b,∗ , R.J. Dahmc , F.L.M. Diermansea , W.P.S. Diasd , D.M.S.S. Dissanayakee , H.P. Vajjaf , J.C. Gehrelsa , L.M. Bouwerg
2012Evaluating critical links in early warning systems for natural hazardsGarcia, Carolina; Fearnley, Carina J.
May-2014Evaluating Flood Resilience Strategies for Coastal MegacitiesWharton
2021Evaluating learning spaces in flood risk management in Germany: Lessons for governance researchWitting, A.; Brandenstein, F.; Kochskämper, E.
2019Evaluating natural infrastructure for flood management within the watersheds of selected global citiesGunnell, Kelly; Mulligan, Mark; Francis, Robert A.; Hole, David G.
2017Evaluating Partnerships to Enhance Disaster Risk Management using Multi-Criteria Analysis: An Application at the Pan-European LevelHochrainer-Stigler, Stefan; Lorant, Anna
1-Dec-2014Evaluating wider benefits of natural flood management strategies: an ecosystem-based adaptation perspectiveJacob, Oana; Rowan, John S; Brown, Iain; Ellis, Chris
2019An evaluation and monetary assessment of the impact of flooding on subjective well-being across genders in VietnamPaul Hudson, My Pham & Philip Bubeck
8-Jul-2020An evaluation of availability and adequacy of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems in Asian countries: A baseline studyAguirre- Ayerbe, Ignacio; Merino, Maria; Aye, Seinn Lei; Dissanayake, Ranjit; Shadiya, Fathimath; Lopez, Chrisanto M.
Dec-2019Evaluation of Early Action Mechanisms in Peru Regarding Preparedness for El NiñoAguirre, J.; De La Torre Ugarte, D.; Bazo, J.; Quequezana, P.; Collado, M.
May-2020Evaluation of flood risk communication materialsTaylor, M; et al.
2018Evaluation of future flood risk in Asian megacities: a case study of JakartaJanuriyadi, Nurul Fajar; Kazama, So; Riyando Moe, Idham; Kure, Shuichi
2019Evaluation of the end-users of disaster risk warnings in BrazilSaito, S.; Lima, G.; Dias, M.
2012Eventos Extremos: Inundaciones 2012Autoridad Nacional de Agua - ANA
May-2019Events are natural, disasters are not: How lessons learned from previous events can help businesses to become more resilientZurich Insurance Group
Jul-2020Evicted by Climate ChangeCARE Climate Change and Resilience Platform (CCRP)