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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accounting for tropical cyclones more than doubles the global population exposed to low-probability coastal floodingDullaart, J. C. M.; et al.
2021Adaptation interventions and their effect on vulnerability in developing countries: Help, hindrance or irrelevance?Eriksen, S.; et al.
May-2020Adapting to rising coastal flood risk in the EU under climate changeCiscar, J C; et al.
2021Addressing internal displacement in the context of climate changeCazabat, C.; et al.
2021Ageing Water Storage Infrastructure: An Emerging Global RiskPerera, D.; et al.
2021All by myself? Testing descriptive social norm-nudges to increase flood preparedness among homeownersMol, J. M.; et al.
2021Applicability of a nationwide flood forecasting system for Typhoon Hagibis 2019Ma, W.; et al.
2020Aqueduct Floods MethodologyWard, P. J.; et al.
2021Asia’s looming Black Elephant eventsLin, Y. C.; et al.
2021An assessment of long-term changes in mortalities due to extreme weather events in India: A study of 50 years’ data, 1970–2019Ray, K.; et al.
2020Bridging forecast verification and humanitarian decisions: A valuation approach for setting up action-oriented early warningsLopez, A; et al.
2021Catalyzing Innovation: Governance Enablers of Nature-Based SolutionsMartin, J.; et al.
Sep-2020Climate change adaptation in disaster-prone communities in Cambodia and FijiNeef, A.; et al.
Oct-2020Climate Change and Sovereign RiskVolz, U; et al.
2019Collaborative Modeling With Fine‐Resolution Data Enhances Flood Awareness, Minimizes Differences in Flood Perception, and Produces Actionable Flood MapsSanders, B; et al.
2020Community and Impact Based Early Warning System for Flood Risk Preparedness: The Experience of the Sirba River in NigerTarchiani, V; et al.
Oct-2020Community- and Nature-Based Solutions for Integrated Urban Flood Risk ManagementStanton-Geddes, Z.; et al.
2020Comparing top-down and bottom-up paradigms for global flood hazard mappingDi Baldassarre, Giuliano; et al.
May-2020Compound climate risks in the COVID-19 pandemicPhillips, C; et al.
2016Coping with Pluvial Floods by Private HouseholdsRoezer, V.; et al.