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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-20222022 Sea Level Rise Technical ReportSweet, W.V.; et al
Jan-2020Analysing flash flood risk perception through a geostatistical approach in the village of Navaluenga, Central SpainGuardiola-Albert, C; et al
2020Assessing potential locations for flood-based farming using satellite imagery: a case study of Afar region, EthiopiaGumma, MK; et al
Jan-2020Assessment of flash flood susceptibility potential in Moldavian Plain (Romania)Iosub, M; et al
2022Assessment of potential sediment disasters and resilience management of mountain roads using environmental indicatorsLin, C-A.; et al
2022The benefits of coastal adaptation through conservation of foreshore vegetationTiggeloven, T.; et al
Mar-2020Blue Infrastructure Finance: A new approach, integrating Naturebased Solutions for coastal resilienceThiele, T; et al
2020The blue-green path to urban flood resilienceO'Donnell, E; et al
2022Briefing note on systemic riskSillmann, J.; et al
2019Changes in flood damage with global warming on the eastern coast of SpainCortes, Maria; et al
2022Charity hazard and the flood insurance protection gap: An EU scale assessment under climate changeTesselaar, M.; et al
Dec-2021Coherence and Alignment among Sustainable Land Management, Ecosystem-based Adaptation, Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Nature-based SolutionsWalz, Y.; et al
2022Ecohydrology and flood risk management under climate vulnerability in relation to the sustainable development goals (SDGs): a case study in Nagaa Mobarak Village, EgyptAly, M. M.; et al
2020Explaining communities' adaptation strategies for coastal flood risk: Vulnerability and institutional factorsChang, S E; et al
Oct-2021Financial Innovation for Climate Adaptation in AfricaRichmond, M.; et al
2019The global and regional impacts of climate change under representative concentration pathway forcings and shared socioeconomic pathway socioeconomic scenariosArnell, N W; et al
2019A global database of historic and real-time flood events based on social mediade Bruijn, Jens A; et al
2019Impact of repeat flooding on mental health and health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional analysis of the English National Study of Flooding and HealthFrench, C E; Waite, T D; et al
2022Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the AnthropoceneWing, O. E. J.; et al
2019Learning for climate resilience programming: BRACED & Bond Resilience Learning Group workshop lessonsBRACED; Bond; et al