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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Beyond Katrina: Lessons in creating resilient communitiesZurich Insurance; Wharton
2017Flood resilience programme: Case studiesPractical Action; Zurich Insurance; Murphy, Adele
2017Floods, hope and pastaZurich Insurance
Jun-2018Houston and Hurricane Harvey: a call to actionNorton, R; MacClune, K; Venkateswaran, K; Szönyi, M; Zurich Insurance; ISET International; International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Global Disaster Prepardness Centre
May-2017Investing in risk-informed infrastructure to support flood resilienceZurich Insurance
May-2017Pre-event financial protection is key to flood recoveryZurich Foundation; Zurich Insurance
2017Risk Nexus Flash Floods: The underestimated natural hazardZurich Insurance
2014Risk Nexus: Enhancing community flood resilience: a way forwardZurich Insurance; IIASA; Wharton
Sep-2014Risk Nexus: Making communities more flood resilient: the role of cost-benefit analysis and other decision-support toolsZurich Insurance; IIASA; Wharton
Sep-2015Turning flood resilience theory into actionZurich Insurance; IIASA
Aug-2015Why many individuals still lack flood protection: new findingsWharton; Zurich Insurance
Jul-2018Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance - five year anniversaryZurich Insurance
Jul-2018The Zurich flood resilience program – Phase 1 from 2013-2018: Executive SummaryZurich Insurance
Jul-2018The Zurich flood resilience program – Phase 1 from 2013-2018: Stocktaking and impact evaluation reportZurich Insurance