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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Appropriate technologies to reduce flood lossesBudimir, Mirianna; Sneddon, Alison; Brown, Sarah
2020Communicating complex forecasts: an analysis of the approach in Nepal's flood early warning systemBudimir, Mirianna; Donovan, Amy; Brown, Sarah; Shakya, Puja; Gautam, Dilip; Uprety, Madhab; Cranston, Michael; Sneddon, Alison; Smith, Paul; Dugar, Sumit
2019Gender Transformative Early Warning Systems (Policy Brief)Brown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna; Sneddon, Alison; Lau, David; Puja, Shakya; Upadhyay Crawford, Sujana
Mar-2019Gender Transformative Early Warning Systems: Experiences from Nepal and PeruBrown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna; Sneddon, Alison; Lau, David; Shakya, Puja; Upadhyay, Sujana
2020Gender Transformative Early Warning Systems: NepalBrown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna; Puja, Shakya; Sneddon, Alison
Aug-2019The governance of Nepal's flood early warning system: opportunities under federalismMeechaiya, Chinaporn; Wilkinson, Emily; Lovell, Emma; Brown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna
2019Missing Voices: Experiences of floods and early warning from marginalized women in Nepal and PeruBrown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna; Lau, David; Nizama, Jenny; Ordonez, Miluska; Sneddon, Alison; Crawford Upadhyay, Sujana
2021Mobile phone technologies for disaster risk reductionPaul, Jonathan D.; Bee, Emma; Budimir, Mirianna
Dec-2020Monitoring rainfall for early warning: Peru's ingenious solutionsBudimir, Mirianna; Arestegui, Miguel
Dec-2020Monitoring rivers for flood early warning: Nepal's ingenious solutionsBudimir, Mirianna; Uprety, Dharam
Dec-2020Practical Action and Early Warning SystemsBudimir, Mirianna
Dec-2018Technology justice and the communication of flood early warningsBudimir, Mirianna; Brown, Sarah; Sneddon, Alison
2021Using mobile phone technologies for Disaster Risk Management: Reflections from SHEARBudimir, Mirianna; Bee, Emma; Paul, Jonathan
2019Visualisation of Early Warning InformationBudimir, Mirianna