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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Impacts of Climate Change in Nepal-
2017Improving understanding of flooding and resilience in the Terai, NepalPractical Action
Apr-2018Increased Flood Lead Time: Saving More Lives in NepalPractical Action
2017Learning from El Niño Costero 2017: Opportunities for Building Resilience in Peru / El Niño Costero: The Floods of 2017 in PeruPractical Action; ISET; Zurich Foundation
2015Livelihood development in post disaster situations: introductionPractical Action
Apr-2018Livelihood Support: Building Flood ResiliencePractical Action
2016Manual for Mock Flood Response Exercise with Early Warning SystemPractical Action
-Manufacturing the Donkey Cart and AmbulancePractical Action
Dec-2017Mejorando la comprensión sobre inundación y resiliencia en el Terai, NepalPractical Action; The University of Edinburgh
2015Participatory approach to fishing crafts building in post tsunami scenarioErwin Rahanaweera; Jayantha Gunasekara; Practical Action
2015Permanent shelter for housing infrastructure and services design - planning process: process guidelinesPractical Action
2013Preparation of Risk MapPractical Action
2014Preparing for El Niño floods in PeruPractical Action
2008Preparing for floods in NepalPractical Action
2017Prioritizing Recovery Spending: Lessons from the 2017 Peru FloodsPractical Action; ISET; Zurich
2012Rainwater Harvesting During ReconstructionPractical Action
2004Rebuilding Homes and LivelihoodsPractical Action
2017Resilient Resettlement: Lessons from the 2017 Peru FloodsPractical Action; ISET; Zurich
2016The Rice Market System in Tikapur & Rajapur areas, NepalPractical Action
2010Risk Knowledge increased (जोखिम ज्ञान वृद्धि)Practical Action