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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Building Urban Climate Resilience: Introducing a Practical ApproachMacClune, Karen; Orleans Reed, Sarah
Dec-2019California fires: Building resilience from the ashesNorton, Rachel; Wiliams, Abrina; MacClune, Karen; Donahue, Wendy; Fetterman, Chris; Schneider, Jennifer
2018Community participation in cross-border water management - the case of Dai hong commune of Quang Nam Province and the Vu Gia - Thu Bon River BasinMacClune, Karen; Nguyen, Tho
2019Da Nang and Quang Nam, Vietnam: Trans-Boundary River Basin Management in Central Vietnam (Policy Brief)MacClune, Karen; Tyler, Stephen; Nguyen, Tho
2014Floods in Boulder: A Study of ResilienceMacClune, Karen; Allan, Chris; Venkateswaran, Kanmani; Sabbag, Lea
3-Apr-2017From event analysis to global lessons: disaster forensics for building resilienceKeating, Adriana; Venkateswaran, Kanmani; Szoenyi, Michael; MacClune, Karen; Mechler, Reinhard
2021Influencing Policy and Spending - Foundations for ChangeMacClune, Karen
2013The PERC manualVenkateswaran, Kanmani; MacClune, Karen; Keating, Adriana; Szönyi, Michael
2021Proactive Programming - Foundations for ChangeMacClune, Karen
Nov-2018Resilience Measurement in Practice: Lessons from the Zurich Flood Resilience AllianceMacClune, Karen; Tran, Phong; Gyawali, Narayan; Islam, Faruk Ul
2020Root causes of recurrent catastrophe: The political ecology of El Niño-related disasters in PeruFrench, Adam; Mechler, Reinhard; Arestegui, Miguel; MacClune, Karen; Cisneros, Abel
2020“SEM PRECEDENTES”... MAIS UMA VEZ: Lições de resiliência aprendidas com os ciclones Idai e KennethNorton, Rachel; MacClune, Karen; Szönyi, Michael
Oct-2015What can be learned from the Columbia and Charleston floods 2015?Venkateswaran, Kanmani; MacClune, Karen; Gladfelter, Sierra; Szönyi, Michael
Apr-2020When the unprecedented becomes precedented: Learning from Cyclones Idai and KennethNorton, Rachel; MacClune, Karen; Szönyi, Michael